Spirit Storm Wiki

Relic Carts are where players may use currency to acquire Relics and unleash the power of ancient of Spirits!

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The Ticket Cart is a chance for a free, Tier 1 Spirit everyday. These Tickets do stack, and players are granted one Ticket on each new day within the game. 

  • The Ticket Cart uses 1 Ticket to pull the lever to try and win a free, non-rare Spirit. Examples of Spirits that are available to be won :
    • Red Ectoplasm
    • Red Ectoslime
    • Blue Ectoplasm
    • Blue Ectoslime
    • Arcane Ectoslime

The Rare Relic Cart allows players to receive a mystery Relic of a Rare qualty. Players must use Moon Runes to pull the lever for a prize.

  • The Rare Relic Cart uses 5 Moonstones to pull the lever to try for a random, rare quality Spirit.